The Kampala soirée

The Kampala soirée

Welcome to Kampala, Africa’s No sleep city 

Ever been to a vibrant city that gets you thinking what it’s nightlife is like? Welcome to The Kampala soirée and let’s describe for you a city where day and night are differentiated by just the colour of the skies?

Kampala is the capital of an East African nation Uganda, Pearl of Africa. A city that will make you think there’s a new city that is reborn to every sunset. All the beautiful lounges, pubs, night clubs, concerts every week, a city where hunger is a choice with all the delicious cheap meals wherever you turn and revellers who set the mood.

The Kampala soirée
The Kampala city

If you are a tourist, you might want to reconsider where you want to go next, as for the locals it is an unbreakable cycle of partying, having fun and drinking till the sun wakes.

Welcome to the land of fresh winds by the waves of the beautiful Victoria lake and here are some sizzling spots that are the talk of the town:

The Kampala soirée
Bubbles O’Leary’s Irish pub
  • Do not miss to check out the Fame lounge and restaurant that is also at the same location as the former has contemporary services and serves a variety of wines, gins, beers and food.
  • Club Play, located at Industrial Area has turned out to be a night hotspot in Kampala. The first thing you’ll notice is the enormous LED lights that have an exceptional color range, good music and drinks.
  • Inspired by ancient Greek architecture. Club Guvnor located on Plot 77 First street Jinja road is the city’s finest and popular nightclubs that have the best of the best you would not want to miss. As they say, Whatever the mood, they’ve got the colour
 The Kampala soirée
The Kampala Club Governor
  • Soho rooftop lounge located on 3rd street plot 10, has a silent disco, their reimagined cocktail bar and a great view of the city at night.
  • To the reggae genre lovers, Hunter’s Pub Kansanga is the place to be on Sundays.
  • Cayenne Restaurant and Lounge, Kira Road.

Furthermore, one can not go without appreciating the Kampala comedy nights that has grown over the years with live performances from top-notch artists. Spend a few shillings on one of these nights and enjoy yourself. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

 The Kampala soirée

The Kampala comedy store
  • Sky Lounge and Restaurant. Kisementi Plot 11 Cooper Rd what makes this particular lounge stand out is it’s a cocktail bar and international gins, wine and spirits. Not to talk of the Chinese and Indian cuisines served.
  • Have your imagination taken to Greece. From its authentic Greek savoury dishes, mobile bar to its monthly wine tasting where loyal customers taste the month’s wine selection. Mythos Greek Taverna and lounge is the place for the foodies to go to. They have the best mixologists around town who never disappoint.
Since you have made the decision to visit Kampala, there are a few tips that can help you get around the city:

The most reliable mode of transport is the cabs and motorcycles known as ‘Boda bodaswhich charge a reasonable price.

The Kampala soirée
The Kampala boda bodas

With English being one of Uganda’s official language, anyone anywhere will understand every word you say. You can be rest assured that you will enjoy every single minute of your visit.

However, with several places to choose from one might think these spots are not safe enough. Well, safety around these areas is a priority. You may notice metal detectors at the entrance of every place and men in uniform patrolling the streets at night. So go ahead and have fun.


Script by Faiza Mutesi for Neza SAFARIS

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