Rwanda Tea Plantation Tours and Experiences

Rwanda Tea Plantation Tours and Experiences

Tea growing in Rwanda started in 1952, Rwanda tea is planted on hillsides with high altitudes between 1,900 and 2,500m, and on well-drained marshes at an altitude of 1,550 and 1,800m.

Rwanda produces some of the world’s best teas, like those from Pfunda Tea Estate and factory. The tea estate lies below the Virunga volcano and the rich volcanic soil helps to contribute to higher tea quality. 

Rwanda Tea Plantation Tours and Experiences
Neza Safaris Clients on Pfunda tea Plantation

Situated 9km from the Gisenyi city center, Pfunda Tea Estate is the largest and most renowned tea estate company in Rwanda producing the highest volume of tea. The State plantation stretches into hundreds of hectares and farmers can be seen planting, tending, or harvesting tea depending on the period of visitation and this normally attracts plenty of travelers who engage with the communities to take part in these harvesting or planting activitiesRwanda Tea Plantation Tours

The Neza Safaris tea plantation tour experience is among the most enjoyable experiences by tourists in Rwanda as they get to experience the whole process of tea plantation, harvesting and how it finally lands into the cup and the tour often ends with a taste of the unique aroma of the Rwanda tea in its original state and atmosphere prepared by

There are quite many big plantations in Rwanda that tourists often go to, including the Gisakura Tea fields that travelers often get to visit as they disembark from their trekking the beautiful colobus monkeys in the Nyungwe National Park. Hugging the rippling hills at the western fringes of Nyungwe National Park, The Gisakura tea estate is among the most famous of Rwanda’s tea plantations and is certainly the most spectacularRwanda Tea Plantation Tours and Experiences

The other one is the Gisovu tea plantation right at the northern gate of the Nyungwe National Park that gives a magnificent view of the tea row and the beautiful forests that stands right behind them

The tea plantation tour experience is quite a breathtaking and refreshing experience as it gives tourists a chance to interact with the local communities and get to share diverse local experiences

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