Canoeing experience in Rwanda

Canoeing experience in Rwanda

Canoeing and Kayaking experiences in Rwanda are among the most requested and booked experience by international and domestic tourists who enjoy this magnificent experience on the beautiful Mukungwan River, Set in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes, This experience lets you discover a special way to travel, soak up impressive views, watch abundant birds and look out for the otters, meet friendly communities and find just a little excitement in our modern canoes. 

Kayaking on Lake Mukungwa
Canoeing on River Mukungwa in Rwanda

You can choose a morning or afternoon start and have a great time in the heart of the Rwandan countryside. Children from seven years old are very welcome. Excellent canoeing trips down the Mukungwa River near Musanze organized by Neza Safaris a great opportunity to soak up the rural atmosphere around Musanze and spot plenty of birds, including ibis, egrets, cranes, hammerlocks, paradise flycatchers, and weavers.

These trips last about four hours and are guided by our professional and well-trained guides who oftentimes are accompanied by a photographer to document your magical moment and archive your memories.

Canoeing experience in Rwanda
Canoeing experience in Rwanda

Kayaking is often on the coastline of Lake Kivu and it is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the scenery, gazing up at the mountainous backdrop from the tranquility of the water. Birds dart in and out of the bushes whilst fishermen mend their nets on the shore in the daytime. At sunset, the local fishermen paddle out in unison, their rousing song carrying across the water, to return the next morning with their catch.

The clear, clean lake has an irregular shoreline, with plenty of sandy beaches, as well as little islands to investigate. There are no hippos or crocodiles, making for safe paddling. Various waterside hotels have water sports equipment and your guide will advise on where to do the best kayaking depending on the timing.

Neza Safaris organizes customized and tailor-made excursions, ranging from a couple of hours to two to three days. Highlights include a sunset kayak with the singing fishermen and exploring the coffee islands, with an overnight stay on a plantationsCanoeing on River Mukungwa in Rwanda

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